Greece is mainly known for its 300 days of sunshine, its ancient ruins and beaches. Because we believe that it is much more than that, we have organized a seven day tour for the discerning traveler, a trip for the curious mind.

Montofoli is an archeological site and the ideal place to explore the influence of the GRECO-ROMAN civilization to the European culture. You will adore the Greek country-side, the Greek/Mediterranean food but mostly you will be presented with topics like: the language - the history - the theatre - the philosophy - the medicine – the cuisine - the hospitality etc. Presented by high standard specialists.

Throughout the week you will be attended by university-educated guides. It is well known that communication of any culture is made through the language and the arts.

The Greek is the only ancient language still spoken today. Between 12% and 25% of English words are of Greek origin.


• You will learn about the contribution of classical Greece to the European culture.
• You will lodge in one of the historical houses of the estate (which is a classified archeological site)
• You will be escorted throughout the week by a university degree tour leader.
• You will taste the best examples of the Mediterranean/Greek cuisine and discover the secrets of a balanced diet
• You will meet the owners, Pavlos G Karaκostas O.B.E. and his wife Marianne Larsson-Karacostas, the persons who have turned the ruins of Montofoli Wine Estate into a paradise.
• You will experience filoxenia the way Xenios Zeus, Ξένιοs Ζεύs, conceived hospitality. Φιλοξενία, hospitality, was born in Ancient Greece
• You will receive a unique V.I.P. treatment. The package is all inclusive, meaning all the costs from the moment you arrive until the moment you say goodbye.

We are committed to make your stay at Montofoli unforgettable

The Karacostas Family


The Program is meant to give you a unique experience of what we believe makes the difference to a curious traveler.

Pavlos G. Karacostas, O.B.E. has traveled extensively abroad for business and leisure and of course he knows Greece inside-out.

Marianne Larsson-Karakostas has lived in Greece for the last 40 years and as a Swedish intruder understands very well what makes an expat love Greece and the the Greek way of living.

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